About SDGs

Quality Education

2020-12-07 10:19:46 56

Ensure inclusive and fair quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.

Obtaining high-quality education is the foundation for improving people's lives and achieving sustainable development. Countries have made significant progress in increasing educational opportunities at all levels and increasing enrollment rates, especially girls’ enrollment. Basic literacy and arithmetic skills have been greatly improved, but more efforts and greater steps are needed to achieve the goal of universal education. For example, the world has achieved gender equality at the primary education stage, but few countries have achieved this goal at all stages of education.

     Challenges of quality education

     ●  Primary school enrollment rate in developing regions, the number of primary school-age children out of school is 58 million

     ●  More than half of children in sub-Saharan Africa have not yet gone to school

     ●  50% of children who drop out of school in elementary school live in conflict-affected areas

     ●  781 million adults and 126 million young people in the world lack basic literacy and arithmetic skills, and 60% of them are women