Training Course

SDGs Benchmarking Design

2021-01-23 21:53:17 sisd 39

Sustainable development design

Guide the company to improve the building environment, far beyond the minimum requirements of the standard.

Environmental and sustainable development solutions

Support manufacturers and OEMs to improve their processes to meet customer expectations for environmentally sustainable design products.

Electric travel

Expertise in the design and implementation of electric vehicles and charging infrastructure to provide in-depth services and complete various tests in accordance with the regulatory standards of the industry.

Wind power solutions renewable energy

We provide services to ensure the safety, reliability and compliance of wind farms, photovoltaic power stations, energy storage facilities, hydrogen technology and power grids and components.

Energy efficiency in buildings

Our energy efficient building services include green building certification, energy audit, carbon footprint, compliance assessment and inventory management.

Building information modeling management

BIM is a new architectural design method, which can significantly improve the environmental efficiency of buildings. Our BIM services are helping AEC take advantage of this new approach.

Environmental testing

Environmental testing is used to assess performance in "real world" conditions. As the earth's environment changes, our services will help you assess how your products will respond to extreme weather, rising temperatures and other changes.

ISO 14001 corporate social responsibility and sustainable development

Corporate social responsibility audit and training - implement SA8000, amfori BSCI business social responsibility initiative audit, wrap certification, SEDEX member ethical trade audit (smeta) and code of conduct compliance audit, and provide relevant training. In addition, we can provide you with assurance services of sustainable development report, CSR report and ESG report based on international standards and guidelines, such as AA1000, gri standards and ISO26000.